Frank Hanserd Is No Longer With CCM

  "Executive Director Frank Hanserd No Longer"
          With CCM Consumer Choice Marketing


Frank Hanserd NO LONGER with CCM

It’s Simple. It’s Powerful. It’s Time. It’s Your Opportunity. Take advantage of Energy Deregulation a $1.4 Trillion Dollar Industry. Put Yourself in the Middle to create wealth and leave a legacy for your Family.

“Timing is everything” that's why Frank Hanserd Left CCM Consumser Choice Marketing.  And right now, we’re at the perfect storm convergence point of energy deregulation and direct sales, meaning you’re at the perfect place at the perfect time to ride this wave! You just have to get with the RIGHT COMPANY!

 Imagine getting paid every time a person turn on the lights or turn on the stove to cook a meal! It's just that "SIMPLE" the deregulation of energy will be the Largest transfer of WEALTH in our lifetime! Never before has it been possible to so quickly and so easily launch your own home-based business providing products and services that people need and use every single day.

Of course, your level of success will depend upon your personal efforts, which is why we provide you with ongoing support and training.


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